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     When spring arrives, everyone needs exciting new plants for the garden, and also pretty spring accents for the home.  It’s time to add a spring wreath, a tray of potted crocuses, and possibly a new planter by the front door.

     Herb lovers know that Carolee’s is the place to find all things herbal for the home.  This spring, we’ve searched the marts and found local artists who make gorgeous items with herbal motifs.  In the kitchen area, we’ve added gorgeous new teapots, plates, mugs, pitchers, bowls and cream and sugar sets in a pretty green and white herb design.  Look for kitchen towels, hot mitts and aprons in herbal designs, too.  And, you’ll want to try our new line of herbal dip mixes.  They are the best I’ve tasted and include some zesty flavors.  Since Dill is the 2010 Herb of the Year, be sure to try “Spicy Garlic Dill” and “Cucumber Dill.”  There are luscious mixtures to be used to make cheese balls or bread dipping oils, too.

     If you like candles, we’ve found wonderful herbal candles that burn for over ninety hours, are smokeless, and come in “White Lavender,” “Thyme,” “Pineapple & Sage,” “Lemon Verbena,” “Mint Julep,” and “Verbena et Sage.”  The scents are lovely and comforting for your home, or to give as a gift.

     The garden area is filled with new items.  We’ve added more pottery and stoneware, including half-round planters, a pedestal ball fountain, and herb planters in green and dark blue.  There are new plant stands, bird feeders, and decorative items for the garden.  Look for the gorgeous garden flags with an herb theme.  The new metal plant markers will not only mark herb and vegetable plants, but add a colorful element as well.  And for a bit of whimsy, add cute painted turtles and snails to your spring decor.

     The Lavender Area is expanding again, because we discovered some beautiful lavender dishes, teapots, pitchers, salt & pepper shakers and more.  Closer to Lavender Daze, we’ll be adding even more lavender products, but there just isn’t room in the barn for more when we first open!

     Of course, the nights can still be a bit cool.  A lovely, lightweight shawl or scarf around the shoulders can add just a bit of warmth and lots of style.  You’ll love our new selection of colors and fabrics, and some of them have necklaces to match!  I fell in love with scarves when I was in Europe, and the trend is now sweeping our country.

     We’re devoting one room to showcase the work of local artist LouRae Rumple.  Look for hand painted furniture and decorative items in herb and nature motifs.  Framed artwork expresses the range of her talents from Native American and patriotic drawings to colorful fairies and landscapes.  Many of these items are one of a kind, perfect for a special place in your home, garden, or as a gift for someone special.

     In our Herbal Country Cottage, there’s a range of beautiful products from country primitive to country classic.  We’ve added some pieces with the traditional bee skep design, country sheep, and battery candles.  We find the unusual, the trends, and the quirky, so be sure to visit the Cottage to see what’s new!