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Fairies are outdoor creatures that love nature. They are fascinated by plants and use them as clothing, furniture, and as decorations for their world. Fairies especially love plants with lovely scents, such as sweet alyssum, lavender, jasmine, roses, thymes, rosemary, and sweet peas.

For a fairy garden, one may choose a site in sun or shade, or a mixture of conditions. Placing sun-lovers where they get adequate light and shade-lovers where they get adequate protection will keep the plants happy. Fairies will find and enjoy them in any setting. Sometimes they move them from place to place!

There are appropriate plants to use in any size garden that is desired. For extremely small scale areas or container gardens, choose babies tears, thymes, sweet alyssum, tiny succulents, violas, Irish moss, Kenilworth ivy, miniature coral bells, lily of the valley, and the tiniest hostas.

Slightly larger gardens can incorporate violets, ferns, bellflowers of all types, and knee-high roses. The smaller varieties of lavenders, such as Baby Blue would fit in nicely.

For large gardens, where visitors can roam through the paths, some of the plants that fairies love but that just don’t fit a small scale setting can be used. Full sized rose bushes, wisteria, elecampane (that can reach 8’ in height!) tall lilacs, holly bushes, and elderberry shrubs are all fairy favorites that will add scent and color to a larger garden. Line paths with billowing lavenders, and let poppies, “Fairy Bouquet” linaria, cornflowers, and various daisies fill in to form flower meadows. Many of these plants are rich in herbal and magical lore.

For lots more information on fairies, fairy plants and fairy gardens, read A Fairy Herbal which is available by mail order or at the farm.